Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Magazine Page Envelopes

You need: magazines or catalogs that you might otherwise throw away. We have found that children's magazines make the neatest envelopes, but if you just want to recycle, then use whatever you have.
tape, glue, or glue stick
blank address labels that you can write on
1 store bought envelope

Carefully open up the store bought envelope on all of the sides that are glued down so that it lays open and flat. Use this for your template. Take your template and place it on a magazine page. Trace all the way around the template. Cut out your new envelope. Fold all of the flaps in so that they resemble a more colorful version of your template. Use glue, tape, or glue stick to seal the edges. Stick address labels on the back in the appropriate places. When you want to use your envelope, put the letter inside, seal envelope with tape, glue, or even a cute sticker. Don't forget the stamp! In case you are wondering, the post office will accept these. We even use them to pay our bills. This a great "rainy day" activity. It kept my youngest child entertained for hours when I was too sick to do more strenuous activities.

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Jennifer ASH said...

I love your new blog! I love this idea too. I think I might even start to use it!